A New Pyrex Book is Here!

Shiny, Happy, Pyrex People is for old and new collectors alike. This Pyrex book covers a century of Pyrex history alongside the personal stories of some very, important people. Original photography highlights favorite patterns and invites you to explore lesser known pieces. I encourage you to use this resource to identify your Pyrex finds and to “go your own way” in your Pyrex pursuits.

Rare Finds ITW as of 12/03/2022
The good new for all of us is that rares and HTF are still being found in unknowing thrift stores and antique stores for great prices! And there are still new Pyrex shapes, sizes, and patterns being discovered! Not my pics. Green Foulard Found 08/22/2022 Brittany Yellow …
Rare Sales as of 11/20/2022
322 Yellow Tulip Sold: 10/06/2022 Price: $69.99 Location: Eden, NY 473 Black Star with Lid Sold: 10/10/2022 Price: $3,860 Location: Mohnton, PA 705 Spring Blossom Green Sold: 10/06/2022 Price: $455.52 Location: Monongahela, PA 055 Early American Sold: 09/04/2022 Price: Best Offer Location: Monessen, PA 045 Duck Hunt …
A Lucky Find
In early July 2022, an estate company found the HTF Lucky in Love and a One Of A Kind Butterprint Spacesaver 575. Here are the facts we know: Both were found in a house in West Branch, MichiganPreviously, the Butterprint pattern had only been pictured on a …
The Pyrex $100,000 Club circa 1949
A list of retailers Who has the Steubuen ashtray? Courtesy of The Gaffer October 1949
An Interesting Discovery of the 532
Did anyone happen to notice the reference in the Test Kitchen blog to the 532 Pyrex measuring cup and hand beater set? If not, take a closer look. Anyway, this is one of those moments when the universe aligns. No sooner had I posted my weekly blog, …
Halloween Cooking the Pyrex Glass Way
Welcome Fall! Fall kicks off baking season in my mind. This article comes from Gaffer, October 1946 and gives us insight on past styles and tastes in food. Notice the reference to gelatin and molds! Raisins…? Feel free to dish up at your next Halloween monster mash! …
The Test Kitchen
In the October 1946 issue of "Gaffer," we find several employee highlighted in the Consumer Products Division: Director of Home Economics Dr. Lucy M Maltby, Photographer Ayres Stevens, Helen Martin, Mary Alice Dailey, Julian Kilman, Sales Representative Dudley Olcott, Lilla Cortright, Esther Rhodes, Sales Representative Clair Van …
Happy Birthday! to Shiny, Happy Pyrex People!
This weekend marks one year since "Shiny, Happy Pyrex People" arrived at the warehouse after its harrowing journey from China, across the Pacific Ocean, and passing customs at the port in Long Beach, California. In celebration, I thought it would be fun to share a video of …
Pyrex Bingo
For those of us with small houses or tight budgets, I've created a little game that I like to call "Pyrex Bingo." This game works well when you come across some Pyrex that you aren't in love with but you feel compelled to buy. exampleDownload First, take …
Gaffer Goes to Rigopal!
Here are some facts about Rigopal Pyrex, according to the November 1946 issue of Corning Glass Works' "Gaffer." The affiliate company was Cristalerias Rigolleau founded in 1882 by Leon Rigolleau and nephew Gaston Fourvel-Rigolleau in Bunos Aires.In 1907, the factory was moved to Berazategui, Argentina (a suburb …
Rare Sales as of 08/06/2022
Maybe not rare in the strictest sense but fun nevertheless. 6 oz. Turquoise Custard Cup Sold: 06/04/2022 Price: $185 Location: Wylie, TX 10 oz. Yellow Custard Cup Sold: 05/25/2022 Price: $157.50 Location: Monessen, PA 024 Duchess with Cradle and Box! Price: Best Offer Sold: 06/012/2022 Location: Matland, …
Rare Pyrex Finds ITW as of 07/31/2022
Not my pics. Thank for sharing your scores on Facebook! Found on February 11, 2022, this Cinderella bowl has been named "Country Breeze" and has found a lovely home! Found on April 9, 2022 for $3 at a yard sale, the 043 Duck Hunt! Found on May …

I wasn’t impressed

Rated 1 out of 5
November 25, 2022

With all the hard work that went into this book I was utterly disappointed when it arrived

It’s been on my shipping counter for 6 months and I’ve not opened it again since the first day.

No color pictures when we are dealing with patterns and the timeframe lay out is all over the place , the flow sucks

M. Lombaugh

A True Work of Art

Rated 5 out of 5
September 26, 2022

The book is so beautiful! I love the layout and informative text too. Each page is a treat!

Jason Bronstein