A New Pyrex Book is Here!

Shiny, Happy, Pyrex People is for old and new collectors alike. This Pyrex book covers a century of Pyrex history alongside the personal stories of some very, important people. Original photography highlights favorite patterns and invites you to explore lesser known pieces. I encourage you to use this resource to identify your Pyrex finds and to “go your own way” in your Pyrex pursuits.

Pyrex Mystery Solved!
Never give up! There is STILL rare Pyrex being found in the wild. I am particularly excited about this post as it has solved a Pyrex Mystery. In 1948, there is an advertisement for "Tulip-Time Pyrexware" which was available for a short time until this sale advertisement …
Pyrex Swaps 2022
SaturdayApril 22022Kentucky Spring Pyrex SwapA few fan favorites will be there!10:30 AM6350 Old Scottsville Rd, Alvaton, KY  SaturdayApril 162022SoCal Pyrex Swap MeetI will be there!11 AM6166 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA SaturdayApril 302022Pyrex & Vintage FestThis is a great event!9 Am137 N. Washington Street Havre de Grace, MD …
Fan Mail!
My first piece of fan mail! This note was so encouraging and unexpected. It really validated my goals for writing the newest Pyrex book!
The Corning Glass Center Copyright 1958 by Corning Glass Works
The following is a summary of interesting Pyrex facts found in the publication above: Regarding the 200-inch Pyrex disk: "Twenty years and $6,550,000 went into building the big disk and placing it in the giant Hale telescope at Palomar Mountain… Only glass could meet the exacting specification …
An Early History of Glass in the United States
According to “Pressed Glass 1825-1925” by The Corning Museum of Glass, the glass industry in the United States started with Britain’s depletion of natural resources, specifically, timber.  It was proposed that raw materials be harvested and manufacturing be set up in the New World for import to …
Rare Pyrex Sales and Finds as of 01/31/2022
January was an exciting month for finding rare Pyrex in the wild. It can happen to you and new Pyrex is still being discovered. Happy hunting! (Not my pics). 475 Angelfish in Gold found for $3 at a thrift shop! 474 Clear bottom found in Pennsylvania! The …
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Mad thanks to Wilson for visiting CMOG and the Shiny, Happy Pyrex People display! If ya'll haven't already, would you graciously leave a review at shinyhappypyrexpeople.com/reviews/ AND Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/…/60183281-shiny-happy-pyrex…
“They Live In a Glass House…”
Excerpt from the Saturday Evening Post August 19, 1944 As I continue my research looking for clues and new information about Pyrex, I came across the article below. It is interesting to see stories written in their own words of the time. It makes one appreciate the …
The Discovery of Pyroceram aka Corningware
In my research, I found this interesting excerpt from "The Annual Report of the Board of Regents of The Smithsonian Institute for the Year 1962." The following is the discover of Pyroceram in S. Donald Stookey's own words: "A new world is suddenly unfolding to the startled …
1934 Pyrex Calendar
Happy New Year! Enjoy this copy of the 1934 Pyrex Calendar!
Pyrex Advertisements and Ladies’ Home Journal
Merry Christmas, everyone! You know that I'm a giver so I present to you: every Pyrex advertisement found in Ladies' Home Journal Magazine! Getting the thumbnails uploaded is a bit of a challenge because there are over 300 images. But you can use the list as a …
Pyrex Meets Twitch
I present to you Shiny, Happy Pyrex People's debut on Twitch! It was just a random morning on a random day. Hubs and I were doing our normal routine. But sometimes life is funny and the stars align. Hubs is a big gamer and was super excited …


Rated 5 out of 5
April 17, 2022

Everything you need to know about Pyrex and much more! I have more pages marked for reference than my “ Post it Notes” has available. Great, history and pictures as well. Everyone interested in Pyrex this is a must have reference book!

Joe Filipiak

A revelation

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2022

Shiny, Happy, Pyrex People is a phenomenal tome (yes, tome- this baby is over 500 pages long) about Pyrex history written through the eyes of a seasoned collector who knows her audience. I’m proud to say I’ve interacted with the author on Facebook, where she is fount of knowledge on all things Pyrex. Ms. Ashley has done the collecting community quite a service: she has written a book that can be leafed through on a coffee table, skimmed by someone who appreciates beautiful glass, used as a reference by a newbie collector, and devoured by the Pyrex enthusiast.
One book, many uses.
The history of Pyrex is accompanied by beautiful pictures of the dishes themselves. I love the inclusion of the box art pictures as well- some of these are not seen in any other Pyrex book. I love the thoroughness of the pattern references. Additionally, the author has included non-standard pieces in case you stumble across one in your thrifting and antiquing. Additionally, the interspersed recipes and chats with collectors make this book feel like a friend. Huge thanks for such a delightful and informative work.