A New Pyrex Book is Here!

Shiny, Happy, Pyrex People is for old and new collectors alike. This Pyrex book covers a century of Pyrex history alongside the personal stories of some very, important people. Original photography highlights favorite patterns and invites you to explore lesser known pieces. I encourage you to use this resource to identify your Pyrex finds and to “go your own way” in your Pyrex pursuits.

Pyrex Book: Shiny Happy Pyrex People
Jennifer Ashley author

Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer resides in Southern California and is an avid Pyrex collector. When she is not admiring her Pyrex, she is reading romance novels or playing with cats at the local animal shelter.

Just received this great book

May 28, 2024

Love it! Would have been nice if it was signed seeing as we can only purchase them from you. Why not sign them? Besides that, this huge book is packed with tons of info and great pics!

Jennifer Watkins

Buy this book

August 25, 2023

If you love Pyrex but want to become educated about it then this is the book. It is a useful resource for collectors and Pyrex fans. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

David R

A book to keep handy

March 12, 2023

I bought this book a while ago and keep it handy. This last week I used it to reference a 60s promo.

The color pictures and arrangements of stories are spot on.

  • May 27th 1919

    What day is it? What day is it? May 27, 1919 – the patent for Pyrex glass was issued. You can find more interesting facts about Pyrex in my book and blog.

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  • Pyrex and Automobiles

    A fun tidbit for the Pyrex and automobile enthusiast. A Pyrex timer!

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  • Ashtrays. One of many…

    I came across this tidbit over the weekend. According to a Corning local, circa 1972 these ashtrays were on everyone’s desk. Photo credit: Joe Reilly

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