The newest Pyrex book, “Shiny, Happy Pyrex People” by Jennifer Ashley contains one hundred years of Pyrex history from 1915 to 2015. This Pyrex compendium is filled with stunning images, wonderful people, and delicious potluck recipes. For the Pyrex enthusiast, it also includes biographies, patents, and vintage advertisements. Full of quirky fun facts, you can let yourself fall in love with Pyrex all over again along with some fun new hobbies. It is my goal to provide the most comprehensive guide to US Pyrex in one place.

Below, you can order your first edition copy of “Shiny, Happy Pyrex People” for $45 plus shipping and handling. For international orders, please email me or head to Google Books where you can download a digital copy for $20.

Can’t wait for shipping? You can pick up your copy at JoRetro in Havre de Grace, Maryland, or The Corning Museum of Glass Gift Shop in Corning, New York, or The Lucky Rabbit in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, or The Antique Mall in Genevieve, Missouri.

Thank you to everyone who preordered!

So happy to add this book to my collection!

May 24, 2021

This is a really neat comprehensive book on collecting vintage Pyrex. I have the Pyrex Passion Book as well but I like that this one features box art, patent sketches,

and the original ads with magazine and month issued (if known). It is packed with more information than I have found in one single Pyrex collecting guide so far. I can already tell that I will return to it time and time again for information.

Emily A.

Love all Pyrex books and happy to add this one to the collection.

May 22, 2021

As a reseller, I love learning about Pyrex, both the history of the brand and about those who collect it. I enjoyed seeing a blended eBook. It was both anecdotal and informational. A must have for any collector.

Abby Thaxton

This works for a semi-novice like me.

May 15, 2021

Someone put a bug in my ear about Pyrex a bit back and I am excited to get out and hunt! This book has some easy to follow information, especially looking at the differences between similar pieces, etc… basically I think its gonna be what I bring on my hunts. Can’t wait!!