A Lucky Find

In early July 2022, an estate company found the HTF Lucky in Love and a One Of A Kind Butterprint Spacesaver 575. Here are the facts we know:

  • Both were found in a house in West Branch, Michigan
  • Previously, the Butterprint pattern had only been pictured on a spacesaver in the book “Pyrex by Corning: A Collector’s Guide” by Susan T. Rogove. However, it was a different color combination than the picture above.
  • The Lucky in Love sold on an Ebay auction for over $24,000 and the buyer reneged.
  • Both the Lucky in Love and the Butterprint Spacesaver went to silent auction. The Lucky in Love started at $10,000 and the Butterprint Spacesaver started at $8,000.
  • The Lucky in Love found a loving home in Texas.
  • The Butterprint spacesaver found a sunny home in California.
  • When the Corning Incorporated Consumer Products Division was sold, all of the active records were included in the sale and transferred to World Kitchen know known as Corelle Brands.  The records were donated to the Rakow Research Library. So the hunt for information continues!