We are Printing!

Happy Father’s Day! I’m taking preorders for the new Pyrex book, Shiny, Happy Pyrex People through Sunday. On Monday I will be drawing three winners for the fantastic, fancy, free Pyrex. Unfortunately, we have a slight shipping delay. This behemoth 537 page book with over 500 full color, high resolution pictures presented quite a technical […]

The Book Tour Continues

Yesterday I was in Dallas, Texas at the Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School to attend the 2021 Dallas Pyrex Swap and share my proof copy of Shiny, Happy Pyrex People. The event was hosted by Nate Smith and you could see the level of effort he put forth to make it a fantastic […]

Library Research Update

I am confirmed to be attending the Dallas Pyrex Swap 2021 next Saturday, June 12 with my proof copy of my Pyrex book if y’all want to meet. For those of you who are following me, here are some interesting things I found as I continue to catalog Pyrex advertisements published in Ladies’ Home Journal: […]

Last Step to Printing!

I’m so excited to share that my proof copy came in. It is huge at 527 pages! I’ll be spending the next few days reviewing and approving formats. Then it’s off for printing! Holding this very large, very heavy book in my hands makes the Pyrex journey feel so real. Have a great holiday weekend!

Chugging Along

Reading and writing about Pyrex was fun. Setting up displays and taking pictures is fun. What is not fun is all the administration stuff. I’ve been wrapping up lots of loose ends and it is so, so, so boring. Last week, a select few received their advanced copies of the book. This week, I will […]

Fantastic, Fancy, Free Pyrex

We are about four weeks away from when I will have printed books in hand and ready to ship. Meanwhile, you still have time to preorder. So for $45 you’ll get an autographed book, a free digital copy, free shipping, and a chance to win one of these awesome prizes: Bluebird 043 Promo, Moon Deco […]

Pyrex Swaps 2021

I’ve listed upcoming Pyrex Swaps in the list below. If you have an upcoming Pyrex Swap that I have not listed, feel free to contact me so that I can add you to the list and add you to my book tour. Check back often for updates!

Always Learning…

Good morning everyone! I’ve been tying up loose ends on the book all week and came across a trove of vintage magazines with loads of original Pyrex advertisements. Preorders can be made on shinyhappypyrexpeople.com and I should have them by June 15th. Meanwhile, I’m already getting ready for the second edition by cataloging each and […]

Preorders Available Now

I hope you are excited as I am! This book is the product of 18 months of Pyrex love and dedication. It covers one hundred years of Pyrex history! Working through the final proofread, it really is a beautiful book full of wonderful people and stunning imagery. I am now taking preorders through June 15th. […]