Parade of Products

Today’s tidbit comes from The Gaffer, March 1949.

Here we can confirm that there are Pyrex Petri dishes. Furthermore, conscientious efforts go into not only the glass but also into the shape and manufucaturing consistency for effective use in research labs. Corning Glass Works held research and development as a top priority for themselves and so it would make sense that they would assist others, in this case, penicilin. And it shows just another way that Corning Glass Works’ innovation has impacted our daily lives.

Flameware saucepan’s are also highlighted in this article along with a marketing campaign. This probably explains the levels of advertising we see in magazines and newspapers during this time.

I find the last sentence particulary interesting: “The PYREX Flameware Fair campaign marks the first time since the end of the war that Corning has been able to offer a complete line of high quailty top-of-stove kitchen ware.”

Maybe not the most tantilizing blog but Pyrex history nonetheless.