Primary and Reverse Primary Bowls

Thank you, Morgan Mancha for continuing to guest blog! Recognize this picture? Morgan graciously supplied it for publication in Shiny, Happy Pyrex People.

“Today’s info post is about Multi Color Bowls & Refrigerator sets aka Primary Colors.

Bowls were made from 1945-1968, refrigerator sets from 1947-1966.

In 1949 yellow and red 404s were available as singles (the yellow was still also sold in sets), this is one reason why yellow 404s are easier to find than full sets – more of them were produced.

The bowl shape and thickness changed after 1949 from thicker with a pronounced foot to thinner with a more flat base.

The Pyrex stamp evolved over time , there are at least 8 different stamps found on primary bowls. The shades of color also varied over time with red having the most changes. 1940s reds are bright poppy shade, 1950s are medium tone true red and most susceptible to fading , 1960s reds are dark brick red.

Refrigerator sets had the older style lids ( blank middle space and flutes only on sides) until mid 1950s.

The New Multi Color set aka Reverse Primary was released in 1968 with a different bowl color sequence. Blue 401 is a deeper shade than the original , bright orange 402, yellow 403 that is the same shade as Daisy yellow 402, and green 404 that is exactly the same as Verde 404.”