Pyrex Fleur De Lis

Our friend, Wilson, is a man on a mission for the all things Pyrex Fleur De Lis, even spurring an international road trip. As guest blogger, he has graciously shared the following with us:

“Welcome Blue Fleur 475 to my growing Pyrex family 💙While little is known about why these exist, it’s interesting to note the differences between the blue and red fleurs- the blue has silver fleurs while the red has gold, and the blue has smaller fleurs than the red. Why? Who knows! 🤪The blue version seems to be much rarer than the red, at least at this point (all are considered rare though- less than 10 known). There is also a green version that has the same gold fleur size and placement as the red. Additionally there is a delphite fleur with the same smaller fleurs and placement as the blue, possibly a one of a kind at this point. There is conjecture that the fleur 475s were created for a special event at Manhattan’s famous 21 Club. Each 475 came with a decorated lid and a Zodiac cradle- the red and green came with a gold cradle, while the blue came with a silver cradle.”