Pyrex Mystery Solved!

Never give up! There is STILL rare Pyrex being found in the wild. I am particularly excited about this post as it has solved a Pyrex Mystery. In 1948, there is an advertisement for “Tulip-Time Pyrexware” which was available for a short time until this sale advertisement from 1951. The 1951 advertisement is the only mention so far of a “tomato designs border” and there is a very poor quality rendition of it. The advertisement says that hand painted tomato design is available in a utility dish, custard cups, and casserole dishes. Many long term collectors have never seen this dish. Well, our friend Wilson (beginner’s luck) has found and shared the first ever documented (to my knowledge) tomato dish AND its a 222! Be sure to check out Wilson’s interview with Nate on Instagram @myvintageis1976. You can also visit with Wilson on as pianoman5o and blaine-beardo for cooking with Pyrex! I just love how everyone brings their own creativity and their own spin to Pyrex. Keep up the good work all!

Update: I was able to locate the 221 cake dish in the tomato pattern! I believe that there may be a whole set in 622, 623, 624, 213, 222, and 231 and possibly some custard cups. I’ll keep looking!