Rare Finds ITW as of 12/03/2022

The good new for all of us is that rares and HTF are still being found in unknowing thrift stores and antique stores for great prices! And there are still new Pyrex shapes, sizes, and patterns being discovered! Not my pics.

Green Foulard

Found 08/22/2022

Brittany Yellow Quiche Dish

Found 08/25/2022

Pink Grapes 441

Found 09/13/2022.

Has a new loving home!

404 Woodland

Found 10/12/2022 in the UK!

Prototype Red Heinz/Hostess-like dish

Found 10/24/2022 in PA

Has a new loving home!

Clouds Space Saver

Found 10/30/2022 in FL

Red 130 $ Stamp

Found 11/05/2022

Comes in green and yellow, too!

441 Bright Stripes

Found 11/06/2022

Zodiac Chop Plate

Found 11/14/2022

475 Angelfish

Found around 11/24/2022 in NY

2nd one known! and a 3rd alternate gold on white was found last year.

043 Pink Tulip

Found around 11/21/2022 in PA