Rare Pyrex Sales and Finds as of 01/31/2022

January was an exciting month for finding rare Pyrex in the wild. It can happen to you and new Pyrex is still being discovered. Happy hunting! (Not my pics).

475 Angelfish in Gold found for $3 at a thrift shop!

474 Clear bottom found in Pennsylvania! The other one known was found on a Goodwill online auction.

024 Butterfly Gold

Sold: 12/06/2021

Price: $800

Location: Cary, Illinois

024 Blue Garland

Sold: 01/02/2022

Price: $887

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

024 Red Fade

Sold: 01/27/2022

Price: $800

Location: Wichita, Kansas

024 Turquoise Paradise with Cradle

Sold: 12/31/2021

Price: $400

Location: Ingleside, Texas

503 Rodney Kent with Double Cradle

Sold: 12/07/2021

Price: $550

Location: Lisle, Illinois

Pyrex Sandalwood Butter Dish

Sold: 12/12/2021

Price: $750

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

474 Oh My Stars

Sold: 12/17/2021

Price: $4950

Location: Wallingford, Pennsylvania

473 Blue Chip Week

Sold: 01/05/2022

Price: $629

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Orange Train Bowl

Sold: 01/07/2022

Price: $845

Location: Lindley, New York

Moon Deco with Underplate

Sold: 01/08/2022

Price: $350

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

525 Pink Hostess

Sold: 01/09/2022

Price: $800

Location: Yucca Valley, California

Family Flair NIB

Sold: 01/09/2022

Price: $1200

Location: Monessen, Pennsylvania

475 Merry Christmas

Sold: 01/16/2022

Price: $1302

Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania