The Introduction of Pyrex Bakeware

Today, I am excited to share some interesting tidbits found in “Corning Glassmaker” published Corning Glass Works in 1953. Firstly, “Corning Glassmaker” is the evolution of “The Gaffer.” This happens to be the first issue with the new name.

As we know, Pyrex had its roots in home baking experiments using a battery jar. I believe this picture was taken for this issue and not the original Littleton cake.

According to the article “New Flameware and Bakeware Designs” the the bakeware line focused on the five most popular shapes of Pyrex: 024, 209 221, 222, and 231 (or 232?). The introduction of the colors, Flamingo Red and Lime Green, were chosen by color specialist Faber Birren. Now here it the exciting part: test colors of flamingo red, lime green, yellow, red, and dark green were sent to retail stores in Chicago and the Corning Glass Center.