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Pyrex Meets Twitch

I present to you Shiny, Happy Pyrex People’s debut on Twitch! It was just a random morning on a random day. Hubs and I were doing our normal routine. But sometimes life is funny and the stars align. Hubs is a big gamer and was super excited about Last Epoch. He has a few man […]

Recent Rare Sales through 11/30/21

Federal Eagle Blue Mugs Sold: 12/02/2021 Price: $958 Location: New Salem, Pennsylvania Red Terra 402 Sold: 11/29/2021 Price: $312 Location: Phoenix, Arizona Yellow Souffle Sold: 11/28/2021 Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Gypsy Caravan 442 Sold: 11/25/2021 Price: $2,176 Location: Montoursville, Pennsylania Dianthus 473 Sold: 11/21/2021 Price: $1,551 Location: Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania Dianthus 474 Sold: 11/21/2021 Price: […]

Very Thankful

A few months ago Rakow Research Library reached out to me about obtaining the new Pyrex book, “Shiny, Happy Pyrex People.” I feel honored to be in the library collection. I feel validated as an author to be listed in the research guides for Pyrex. Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

Boston Brown Bread

In my book Shiny, Happy Pyrex People I mention that Amory Houghton Jr. kept a detailed notebook of glass recipes including a recipe for Boston Brown Bread.  Courtesy of the Corning Archives and the Houghton family, I present to you “Delia Moran Boston Brown Bread!” Keep scrolling for my “how to” video. Note that the […]

Promotional 1936 Pyrex Recipe Cards

I am super excited to share this gem with you! I have a complete boxed set (almost) of the Promotional Pyrex Recipe Cards from 1936 than contains 36 recipes. Compared to the CMOG collection, I am missing the recipes for Cocoa, Baked Chocolate Drops, According to dealer catalogs of the time, Corning Glass Works offered […]

Freaky Pyrex

What makes this 130 $ stamp dish “freaky” is that it is a USA Pyrex dish decorated with a JAJ technique called “spraying.” Sprayware was introduced in 1939 in colors green, yellow, and blue and applied by hand. An old technique, the challenge with borosilicate glass and its low thermal expansion were that colors were […]

Meet Jennifer G.

Jennifer (Justin, TX), a former army brat, has too many favorites to count.  10 years ago, when Jennifer bought her first house,  her grandma gave her a set of primary mixing bowls, and her mom got her a set of Butterprint.  They call her an “old soul.”  Jennifer continues to travel the country for 3 […]

Recent Rare Finds In the Wild

New and rare Pyrex is still being found at yard sales, estate sales, online marketplaces, thrift stores and antique stores. My advice is so study the standard and promotional pieces so that you will be able to quickly identify when a Pyrex seems “out of the ordinary.” Below are some of the unusual finds in […]