Pyrex and Coffee Lovers Unite!

Please welcome guest blogger, Chad Ludwig! Chad has shared a very interesting pamphlet on how to brew the perfect cup of Joe! Percolator, vacuum, drip or instant, Pyrex is the right pot for you. I’d like like to highlight the scientific nature of the coffee recipes and show appreciation for the Test Kitchen at Corning […]

Pyrex Fleur De Lis

Our friend, Wilson, is a man on a mission for the all things Pyrex Fleur De Lis, even spurring an international road trip. As guest blogger, he has graciously shared the following with us: “Welcome Blue Fleur 475 to my growing Pyrex family While little is known about why these exist, it’s interesting to note […]

Primary and Reverse Primary Bowls

Thank you, Morgan Mancha for continuing to guest blog! Recognize this picture? Morgan graciously supplied it for publication in Shiny, Happy Pyrex People. “Today’s info post is about Multi Color Bowls & Refrigerator sets aka Primary Colors. Bowls were made from 1945-1968, refrigerator sets from 1947-1966. In 1949 yellow and red 404s were available as […]

Early American 404

Please welcome guest blogger, Morgan Mancha! Morgan is a walking, talking, Pyrex history expert. She graciously shares her knowledge with us via Facebook. I am reposting one of her posts for easy searching and bookmarking. “I was recently surprised how many collectors didn’t know the Early American 404 was sold like this with #626 lid […]

Angelfish Update

I am very happy to share an update on the 475 Angelfish that was recently auctioned on HiBid. I am hopeful that if we keep sharing, we will be able to piece together the histories of these very beautiful dishes. The auctioneer in Savona, New York shared the following: An 86 year old woman brought […]

Nut Roll Talk

Per our usual holiday tradition, we made a batch of my Grandma’s nut roll. I have heard it referred to a “Polish” nut roll on “The Great British Baking Show” and that makes sense. Have ya’ll seen my maiden name on Facebook? I had a delightful conversation last year with a fellow Pyrex collector and […]

Rare Finds ITW as of 12/03/2022

The good new for all of us is that rares and HTF are still being found in unknowing thrift stores and antique stores for great prices! And there are still new Pyrex shapes, sizes, and patterns being discovered! Not my pics. Green Foulard Found 08/22/2022 Brittany Yellow Quiche Dish Found 08/25/2022 Pink Grapes 441 Found […]