Shiny, Happy Pyrex People has ported in Long Beach!

Exciting news! Firstly, congrats to Renee for winning the Daisy 503! Secondly, the ship is on time to arrive in Long Beach! The last challenge is not Los Angeles traffic but clearing customs which is severely short on forklift drivers apparently. I’ll keep doing preorders for the new Pyrex book until the truck arrives […]

On Its Way to Long Beach!

Woot, woot! The ship left South Korea on August 12th and is on its way to Long Beach traveling at 20 knots. To celebrate, I’m giving away this beautiful Daisy 503. I will draw from all preorders made between May and Monday, August 16th. Thanks for your support!

The Shipping Saga

Good morning, everyone! I know that you are all getting anxious to receive your copy of the new book Shiny, Happy Pyrex People. I wanted to give you a brief summary of what I’ve been dealing with. Last May, I found a printer that could take my 537 page full color manuscript and produce it […]

Chugging Along…

Good morning! Let’s give a big shout out to Michelle who helped me find my Bill of Lading and how to track the vessel. Below is a pic of its GPS location yesterday. The good news is that it is coming from China which is much faster than India. However, I’m hearing that our ports […]

I’m on a Boat!

Good news! I have my shipping number, but they have not provided a tracking number for the cargo ship. I’ll keep pushing. According to Google, below is the expected trade route. Pirates and hurricanes notwithstanding.

Books are Printed!

The new Pyrex book, Shiny, Happy Pyrex People has been printed! Here it is getting ready to set sail on its world cruise to America! Stay tuned for updates as we track its progress. Bon Voyage!

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Jo, winner of the 043 Bluebird promotional dish with cradle! And congratulations to Holly, winner of the 045 Golden Wildflower promotional dish with cradle and box! Check your Paypal email to see if you are the third winner of the 475 Moon Deco Great news this week! The book order will be here […]

We are Printing!

Happy Father’s Day! I’m taking preorders for the new Pyrex book, Shiny, Happy Pyrex People through Sunday. On Monday I will be drawing three winners for the fantastic, fancy, free Pyrex. Unfortunately, we have a slight shipping delay. This behemoth 537 page book with over 500 full color, high resolution pictures presented quite a technical […]

The Book Tour Continues

Yesterday I was in Dallas, Texas at the Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School to attend the 2021 Dallas Pyrex Swap and share my proof copy of Shiny, Happy Pyrex People. The event was hosted by Nate Smith and you could see the level of effort he put forth to make it a fantastic […]