What is 42?

You may have seen these items listed on ebay and wondered “what the heck?” A toothpick holder (I think), a coaster, a Zippo brand measuring tape, a belt buckle made by Indiana Metal Craft, and a ruler. All feature a prominent logo “Pyrex 42 Corning” and the backwards dollar stamp. Pyrex was invented by Corning […]

The Introduction of Pyrex Bakeware

Today, I am excited to share some interesting tidbits found in “Corning Glassmaker” published Corning Glass Works in 1953. Firstly, “Corning Glassmaker” is the evolution of “The Gaffer.” This happens to be the first issue with the new name. As we know, Pyrex had its roots in home baking experiments using a battery jar. I […]

Pyrex Lamp? Maybe not.

Inn the 5th Edition of Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector’s Guide by Barbara Mauzy,  she mentions that Richard Kelly designed a lamp with Pyrex glass which appeared on the cover of the Gift and Art Buyer January 1941 issue.   Specifically, the secondary source says “back in January 1941 cover of “The Gift and Art Buyer” magazine pictured a Pyrex lamp on […]

Glass and You…

Today’s post come from “Glass and You…” published by Corning Glass Works in 1947. While this would be considered a secondary source, I thought it valuable to share that many facts found in “Shiny, Happy Pyrex People” are corroborated by older company publications. The following images are a brief history of Corning Glass Works. Below […]

Pyrex Mystery Solved!

Never give up! There is STILL rare Pyrex being found in the wild. I am particularly excited about this post as it has solved a Pyrex Mystery. In 1948, there is an advertisement for “Tulip-Time Pyrexware” which was available for a short time until this sale advertisement from 1951. The 1951 advertisement is the only […]

An Early History of Glass in the United States

According to “Pressed Glass 1825-1925” by The Corning Museum of Glass, the glass industry in the United States started with Britain’s depletion of natural resources, specifically, timber.  It was proposed that raw materials be harvested and manufacturing be set up in the New World for import to England.  A series of challenges led American glass […]

Rare Pyrex Sales and Finds as of 01/31/2022

January was an exciting month for finding rare Pyrex in the wild. It can happen to you and new Pyrex is still being discovered. Happy hunting! (Not my pics). 475 Angelfish in Gold found for $3 at a thrift shop! 474 Clear bottom found in Pennsylvania! The other one known was found on a Goodwill […]